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I do Internet/Web/intranet-related public speaking, at public and private events. (I love show business!)

This includes delivering keynote speeches, moderating and participating on sessions, and giving seminars, tutorials and other presentations at trade shows, conferences and other public and private events. I've also been involved in session, track and conference planning, including being on conference advisory boards.

I ran the first Internet-related session at the 1994 Fall Comdex (that's the big one in Las Vegas) several years ago, and have been a regular speaker at leading industry events such as ComNet, Internet World, and Networld+INTEROP. I also did perhaps the first Internet keynote based on Firesign Theater quotes. (Did I mention I love show business?) I enjoy speaking to management, general end users (include 'newbies'), professional groups, teenagers... and perhaps your organization, too.

If you're interested in bringing me in as a speaker to your organization's event, contact me so we can discuss details (topic, date, location, money, etc.)!

My current standard topics include:

  • "Mapping Your Internet Business Strategy" -- Primarily for companies who haven't yet gotton on the Internet or set up a intranet or web site yet. 90-minute and 1/2-day versions.
  • "Introduction to the Internet and the Web" -- a basic "Internet 101," done Dern-style.
  • "The Internet, Your Business and You"
  • "Using the Internet -- Productively!"
I've also spoke on "death of the Net (GIF at 11)," wireless Internet, e-commerce, picking good tools, and Internet security, and have had lots of fun being the moderator for "Any Questions?" panels of experts.

Conferences and exhibitions I've been a speaker or teacher at include:

  • COMDEX (Fall/Las Vegas, 1994-present, plus several of the Spring and other shows)
  • ComNet (Washington, DC), sessions and tutorials
  • DCI Internet Expo (notably, my "Hamburger All over the Information Superhighway" keynote, December 1995 -- see my related column from NetGuide magazine
  • FOSE (Federal Office Systems Expo) in Washington, D.C.
  • IDC's first Internet Commerce Expo (Anaheim)
  • Internet World (including back when it was still part of a 'document delivery' show)
  • Midest Internet EXPO (NetIowa)
  • Networks Expo (the show formerly known as "NetWorld")
  • Blenheim/IDG "Networks 95" conference in Manchester, England
  • Netware Users Conference
and at public or private events held by the 128 Roundtable, the Association for Women in Computing (Boston chapter), BBN (NEARnet), the (now-former) Boston Computer Society -- MegaMeetings and Internet/Web groups, Business Wire, Cambridge Technology Partners (multiple events) Computer Society of Bermuda, ComputerWorld (organized internal educational 1/2-day seminar) Eastern Public Radio annual meeting, InfiNet/Norfolk Communications (keynote at annual sales meeting, with lots of newspaper publishers), Jupiter Communications, McGraw-Hill Symposium, PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) Boston Chapter, Software Success, TeleStrategies, and Xhibition, plus at private seminars, and assorted single-evening adult ed courses.

I've also spoken at my local library, several schools (including a summer Gifted & Talented high school program, and the PTA of a local alternative school), and other places.)

Additionally, I've spoken at/for numerous user groups, been on Internet and non-Internet panels (and also done readings, and impromptu magic (not The Gathering) workshops in the kids areas) at science fiction conventions (Arisia, Boskone, LunaCon, ReaderCon, and WorldCons), and been a guest on a variety of radio talkshows. I usually bring assorted magic tricks and other props with me, although rarely get around to using as many as I'd like to. I do love show business!

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