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I provide PR/marketing communications writing and editorial services, primarily to technology and industrial companies and agencies. I also have written about PR issue, including the intersection of PR and the Internet, and have spoken at BusinessWire, PRSA, and other (usually Internet- oriented) events.

I bring several valuable strengths to my PR services: My PR vendor experience means I know how to work well with Sales, and with the Media Relations, management and staff, and also how to work with editors and reporters appropriately. My Internet/intranet/Web and other technology background means I am often up to speed on the topic at hand, and often make technical staff more willing to talk with me. And my trade journalism work lets me also bring the perspective of the intended editorial audience.

PR services I provide include: writing feature articles, case histories, applications, press releases, backgrounders, speeches, OpEds, and other materials; editorial contact and PR audits and training.

I typically charge on a per-project basis, except when it makes more sense to charge on a time (per-hour, per-day) basis. I will do partial projects, such as just do interviewing, take an article from outline to draft, or from first draft to second draft; I'm also happy to do work for a specified number of hours. I haven't, to date, represented clients except for specific projects, or had "clients-of-record."

I've been doing high-tech PR for over twenty years, both free-lance, and as PR manager/writer at BBN Communications for a few years in the late 1980's, where I did editorial contact and planning, managed outside writers, and wrote a lot of PR, too.

I've written PR on a wide range of topics; in addition to (hopefully) obvious ones like the Internet, intranets, the Web, Internet telephony, network security, and network management, my PR project topics have ranged from CAD/CAM, the DCE, and MRP to abrasive grinding wheels, computer graphics, laser surgery and voice mail.

I've also written a number of articles and columns about PR, including 'PR and the Internet,' including:

Companies I've done PR projects for (many of whom have subsequently changed their name, been bought, or no longer exist, <sigh>) include BBN, Bell Atlantic, Cayman, Codex, Data General, Digital Equipment, Gandalf, Gould, IBM, Network General, Nixdorf, Prime, RAM Mobile Data, Raytheon, Software AG, and Wellfleet (now Bay Networks), plus PR agencies including Copithorne & Bellow, Geithner-McGowan, and Hill & Knowlton.

Feature articles, tutorials, OpEds, case histories and other PR articles I've written have used as been collateral, or have appeared in funct and defunct publications including Computers In Banking, ComputerWorld, Data Communications, EE Times, Federal Computer Week, Government Computer News, MIS Week, Network World, Telecommunications, and others.

If you're interested in my PR services, give me an e-buzz or v-buzz and let's talk!

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