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In mid-October 2001, my job at CMP as Executive Editor was one of the ones eliminated as part of the on-going series of business contractions in the company. Here's the farewell editorial I wrote, which was never run - dpd

Head: Daniel bids farewell to Byte.com

Deck: So long, and thanks for all the bits

Blurb: Daniel strikes up the band and then passes the Byte.com baton

And now it's my turn to say goodbye.

Two-and-change years ago, I found myself in charge of Byte.com, as Executive Editor.

It's been an interesting, exciting, challenging period, to say the least, to have been in charge of the direction of Byte.com. (I can now confirm from personal experience that running an online-only publication is different from running a print pub.)

During this time we've seen the Microsoft anti-trust trials, the rise of Linux, the rise and fall of BeOS, affordable CD/R and RW, and the emergence or continued maturation of USB, DVD, 802.11 WiFi, TransMeta, new viruses, Win2k/ME/XP, broadband, digital cameras, PDAs, and more. Not to mention a few dot-ups and dot-downs.

I've had the privilege and pleasure of working with Jerry Pournelle, along with the other Byte.com columnists and regular contributors. Their subject expertise has never ceased to impress me. I hope you've enjoyed the columns, the trade show coverage, and the feature articles during this time.

I've gotten to see and try out a bunch of interesting new products, and talk to interesting people. I've gotten the usual far-too-many trade show coffee mugs, t-shirts, and tchotchkes. I got the marketing department to make a tchotchke of our own, the Byte.com pocket protectors, as give-aways.

I've enjoyed writing these From The Editor pieces -- and getting your letters -- and doing other articles here as well. (I've got one last products round-up report to finish, about various things vendors have been good enough to let me play with.)

It's now somebody else's turn at the helm -- Jon Erickson, Editor-in-Chief of Dr. Dobbs Journal, Byte.com's parent site.

Thanks again to all the Byte.com contributors for their great content. One last time, I want to thank all the vendors and PR people who have helped out by doing their jobs -- I've been a PR person in previous lives, and know just how hard it can be. And thanks again to you, the reader, for being there.

Come visit my web site, www.dern.com, and sign up for my newsletter, via .

Stay in touch, don't be a stranger!

I'd like to close on this note, or rather (cough) notes:

(To the tune of "I Am the Captain of the Pinafore" from, of course, Gilbert & Sullivan's "H.M.S. Pinafore")

(Dern)    I was the editor of Byte dot com,
(ALL)     And a darned good editor too!
(Dern)      I was there a year or two,
            and let me tell to you
          I herded a chaotic crew.
(ALL)     He was there a year or two,
            and we agree, it's true,
          We were a chaotic crew.
(Dern)    Though unsure of peer-to-peer
          I use shell account, and fear
            to use Outlook or Windows XP
     	  I never was vexed
             by PR calls for Comdex,
          And I never argued with Jer-ry

(ALL)          What, never?
(Dern)           Well, sometimes...
(MOST)         Just sometimes?
(Dern)           Well, often...
(ALL)     He often argued with Jer-ry...
          So... left-click twice and one more time
          for the former editor of Byte online.
          Left-click twice and one last time
          For the former editor of Byte online.

'Nuff sung!

Daniel Dern
Freelance technology writer (again)

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